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1400KVA Electric Start MITSUBISHI/SME Diesel Generator for Shop


MECCA POWER 1400KVA Electric Start MITSUBISHI/SME Diesel Generator for Shop

Features of MITSUBISHI/SME engine diesel generator:

1.Convenient refueling and  watering devices;

2.Easy for maintenance;

The daily maintenance work can be performed from both sides of the genset, and wide maintenance doors allow easy access to all areas of the genset.

3.Excellent Spraying and welding technology;

Adopt high-quality panels and spray thick materials, as well as three coats of spray technology includes bottom, middle and surface, it has strong performances of corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, rust resistance.

4.Economy and simplicity.

Low Fuel Consumption & Low Operation Cost : high voltage gensets' advantages of high output voltage and low output current make low power loss, long transmission distance and low comprehensive cost.

5.Operation Safety

●MECCA POWER provides professional operation training and maintenance training, and also supply spot installation guidance to ensure customers' safety.

6.Electric Safety

●Automatic control system and multi-directional monitoring make more comprehensive protection.

●Equipped with high quality AVR, high voltage genset can bear 300% rated current at maximum to protect the alternator effectively.

●The mode of automatic switching ON/OFF is adopted by the air switch of genset; when the over current or short circuit, the switch shall be automatically disconnected.

mitsubishi generator
mitsubishi generator

SME generator
Product Description

generators details

Model LTP PRP Engine Fuel Cons. Cyl. Disp. Gov. Dimention Weight
KVA / KW  KVA/KW  Model Origin L/H(100%) L L*W*H (MM) KGS
MC715SME 715 572  650 520  S6R2-PTA-C CN 140 6L 30.0  E 3770*1400*2000 6140 
MC825SME 825 660  750 600  S6R2-PTAA-C CN 165 6L 30.0  E 4100*1400*2150 6410 
MC1400SME 1400 1120  1250 1000  S12R-PTA-C CN 264 12V 49.0  E 4880*2000*2380 10560 
MC1540SME 1540 1232  1400 1120  S12R-PTA2-C CN 284 12V 49.0  E 4980*2000*2380 10560 
MC1650SME 1650 1320  1500 1200  S12R-PTAA2-C CN 350 12V 49.0  E 4980*2200*2380 10660 
MC1915SME 1915 1532  1750 1400  S16R-PTA-C CN 382 16V 65.4  E 5490*2190*2495 11410 
MC2100SME 2100 1680  1875 1500  S16R-PTA2-C CN 424 16V 65.4  E 5640*2170*2495 11710 
MC2250SME 2250 1800  2050 1640  S16R-PTAA2-C CN 452 16V 65.4  E 5920*2200*3286 13210 

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