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90KVA Silent Yangdong Diesel Generator Low Fuel Consumption

Yangdong Generator Description

Low Fuel Consumption

Low specific fuel consumption,specific oil consumption and steady state speed regulation.The oil and fuel consumption ratio is less than 0.2% in bench test,and which has reached the advanced level in the small engine industry.


Improved engine cooling system to reduce heat load. This series of engines has passed the 720-hour accelerated load test and the 2000-hour durability test. The finished cylinder liner is detachable for easy maintenance.

Joint design is done by China YTO group corp.and worldwide famous R&D centers.The advanced diesel engine technologies at home and aboard are integrated.

Generator Set Features

Features of Yangdong engine generator :

1.Soundproof canopy generator with low noise level

2.High quality coating suitable adapt to all weather condition

3.External emergency stop button, easy to operate

4.High temperature resistance & anti corrosion treatment

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Company Information

Mecca Power, with self-owned factory assets, independent R&D team, complete infrastructure equipment, provides a professional solution for the design, production and application support of intelligent generator sets with a broad and diverse range of gen-set power products that can operate independently, paralleled, on-site or remotely controlled.

Strongly focused on innovation and technical service, Mecca Power has been successfully used in hundreds of projects, widely applied in buildings, constructions, Telecom, data centers, military,  etc., covering over 90 countries in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, Middle East and America.

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting energy products, the Mecca team will provide you full-service solutions. BELIVE THAT WE ARE WORTHY OF YOUR TRUST!


1.Q: What is your MOQ of this item?

A:1 Set

2.Q: What are your payment terms?

A:30% TT as deposit,70% TT before Shipment or 100% LC at sight

3.Q:What's the warranty time of diesel generators?

A:Global Warranty: 12months after delivery or 1000 running hours, whichever come first.

4.Q:Can you accept the customized products?

A:Yes, of course.We accept your specific order if you can provide us your special requirements or special samples

5.Q:What's the delivery time ?

A:20 to 35 days after receiving your payment in advance.

6.Q:Do you offer OEM service?

A: Yes

7.Q:What is the power range do you have?

A:Mecca Power assemble genset from 2 to 4000kva

8.Q:What’s your special compare to other manufacturer?

A:We can delivery genset 1000units/month as engine and alternator OEM and Strategic partners. Especially for big quantity and big power projects, we support not only by solutions and tender documents, but also by fast delivery time and good price.

ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDisplacementGov.DimentionWeight
KVA / KW KVA/KW ModelOriginL/H(100%)LL*W*H (MM)KGS
MC10YD10 YD380D/10KWCN2.23L/NA1.357 M1550*760*1250460 
MC14YD14 11 13 10 YD385D/12KWCN2.73L/NA1.532 M1550*760*1250480 
MC17YD17 13 15 12 YD480D/14KWCN3.54L/NA1.809 M1650*760*1250491 
MC19YD19 15 18 14 YND485D/17KWCN4.14L/NA2.156 M1650*760*1250512 
MC25YD25 20 23 18 YSD490D/21KWCN5.24L/NA2.540 M1760*760*1250530 
MC28YD28 22 25 20 Y490PD/24KWCN5.24L/NA2.670 M1760*760*1250560 
MC33YD33 26 30 24 Y4100D/32KWCN6.84L/NA3.707 M1880*760*1300690 
MC41YD41 33 38 30 Y4105D/38KWCN9.24L/NA4.100 M1880*760*1300795 
MC55YD55 44 50 40 Y4102ZLD/48KWCN9.44L/TC 3.875 M1880*760*1300805 
MC66YD66 53 60 48 Y4105ZLD/55KWCN11.54L/TC 4.100 E1880*760*1300823 
MC74YD74 59 68 54 YD4EZLD/63KWCN16.54L/TC 4.100 E1970*730*1430890 
MC94YD94 75 85 68 Y4110ZLD/80KWCN20.94L/TC 4.484 E2050*900*14301050 

ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDisplacementGov.DimentionWeight
KVA / KW KVA/KW ModelOriginL/H(100%)LL*W*H (MM)KGS
MC12YD12 10 11 YD380D/12KWCN3.03L/NA1.357 M1550*760*1250460 
MC17YD17 13 15 12 YD385D/14.4KWCN3.43L/NA1.532 M1550*760*1250480 
MC19YD19 15 18 14 YD480D/17KWCN4.14L/NA1.809 M1650*760*1250491 
MC22YD22 18 20 16 YND485D/20KWCN5.14L/NA2.156 M1650*760*1250512 
MC28YD28 22 25 20 YSD490D/25KWCN5.94L/NA2.540 M1760*760*1250530 
MC33YD33 26 30 24 Y490PD/28KWCN6.44L/NA2.670 M1760*760*1250560 
MC44YD44 35 40 32 Y4100D/38KWCN9.34L/NA3.707 M1880*760*1300690 
MC52YD52 42 48 38 Y4105D/45KWCN10.64L/NA4.100 M1880*760*1300795 
MC58YD58 46 53 42 Y4102ZLD/53KWCN14.14L/TC 3.875 M1880*760*1300805 
MC690YD69 55 63 50 Y4105ZLD/60KWCN14.74L/TC 4.100 E1880*760*1300823 
MC80YD80 64 73 58 YD4EZLD/68KWCN17.84L/TC 4.100 E1970*730*1430890 
MC100YD99 79 90 72 Y4110ZLD/85KWCN20.94L/TC 4.484 E2050*900*14301050 

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