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950KVA-1250KVA Soundproof Yuchai Diesel Generator for Outdoor Project

Product Description

MECCA POWER Yuchai Diesel Generator Set power range from 40-3000kva, which are widely used in many applications, like Outdoor Projects, Data Center, Tel-communication, Mining Industry, Public Industry, Hotel, Medical Service, Road & Bridge, etc.

Canopy soundproof/silent type is exclusively designed for gensets which are above 750kva, and helps save over 6000 USD compared to the containerized type. The technicians of Mecca are well experienced in low-voltage and high-voltage gensets with single and synchronizing operation.We can help you choose the appropriate configurations for different applications.

Frequency: 50HZ/1500RPM, 60HZ/1800RPM

Alternator Optional Brand: Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon,MECCA,etc.

YUCHAI generator

generator for data center

Data Center

generator for power plant

Power Plant

generator for mining


Packaging & Shipping

generator package shipping

Our Services

After Service:

Guarantee for one year or 1200 running hours (accord to whichever reach first) from installed date.

During the guarantee period, we will provide the free easy-damaged spare-parts for problems caused by our quality of production or raw material, except the damageable spare parts of diesel engine caused by customer's incorrect man-made operation. After checking, our company provides cost spare-parts maintenance for gensets .

(1) Prompt delivery
(2) Reduced tax to win more competition
(3) Lower transportation fees to save cost
(4) Localized production to win more tenders
(5) Increased production to offer more job opportunity for the government


Payment Terms:
By telegraphic transfer: 30% deposit on signing of sales contract; and balance 70% before dispatch.

Approximately 2-4 weeks upon order confirmation.

Service Guarantee:
Before Service: According to the clients' requirement and actual situation, we will furnish the technology consultation and kinds of information.

Beside genset one-stop purchasing service to world-wide customers,CKD and SKD packing service are also available according to unique request.

CKD:Complete Knock Down Generator
Generator completely knocked down into parts without assembling.

SKD:Semi Knock Down Generator
Partially assembled generator.
Part of the following items you choose will be assembled.

ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDisplacementGov.DimentionWeight
KVA / KW KVA/KW ModelOriginL/H(100%)LL*W*H (MM)KGS
MC47YC47 37 42.534YC4D60-D21CN11.44L/NA4.2 M/E1960*780*1280900 
MC69YC69 55 62.550YC4D85Z-D20CN15.04L/TC4.2 M/E1960*780*1280980 
MC69YC69 55 62.550YC4D90Z-D21CN16.44L/TC4.2 M/E1960*780*12801020 
MC83YC83 66 7560YC4D100Z-D20CN18.04L/TC4.2 M/E1960*780*12801300 
MC88YC88 70 8064YC4A100Z-D20CN17.04L/TC4.8 M/E2100*880*12801345 
MC110YC110 88 10080YC6B135Z-D20CN21.16L/TC6.9 M/E2300*860*15601460 
MC110YC110 88 10080YC4A140L-D20CN23.14L/TCA4.8 E2100*880*12801345 
MC124YC124 99 112.590YC6B155L-D21CN24.06L/TCA6.9 M/E2300*860*15601500 
MC138YC138 110 125100YC6B180L-D20CN28.06L/TCA6.9 M/E2300*860*15601560 
MC165YC165 132 150120YC6B205L-D20CN32.26L/TCA6.9 E2400*880*15601580 
MC193YC193 154 175140YC6A230L-D20CN35.96L/TCA7.3 M/E2560*980*16001600 
MC206YC206 165 187.5150YC6A245L-D21CN38.36L/TCA7.3 E2720*860*16001730 
MC248YC248 198 225180YC6MK285L-D20CN43.46L/TCA10.3 M/E2950*1020*17002060 
MC275YC275 220 250200YC6MK350L-D20CN53.76L/TCA10.3 M/E2950*1020*17002060 
MC344YC344 275 312.5250YC6MK420L-D20CN64.26L/TCA10.3 E3350*1200*17002250 
MC385YC385 308 350280YC6MJ480L-D20CN82.16L/TCA11.7 E3350*1200*17002650 
MC413YC413 330 375300   YC6K500D31 CN80.96L/TCA12.2 HPCR3600*1350*19003000 
MC440YC440 352 400320YC6T550L-D21 CN84.16L/TCA16.4 E3600*1350*19003130 
MC481YC481 385 437.5350YC6K570-D30 CN96.36L/TCA12.9 HPCR3600*1350*19003200 
MC495YC495 396 450360YC6T600L-D22 CN91.66L/TCA16.4 E3600*1350*19003320 
MC550YC550 440 500400YC6T660L-D20 CN100.86L/TCA16.4 E3600*1350*19003420 
MC619YC619 495 562.5450YC6TD780L-D20 CN139.26L/TCA19.6 ECM3800*1350*19004000 
MC688YC688 550 625500YC6TD840L-D20 CN150.06L/TCA19.6 ECM3800*1350*19004780 
MC756YC756 605 687.5550YC6TD900-D31 CN151.26L/TCA19.6 ECM3900*1350*20004800 
MC825YC825 660 750600YC6TD1000-D31  CN167.06L/TCA19.6 ECM3900*1350*20005060 
MC825YC825 660 750600YC6C1020L-D20 CN178.16L/TCA39.6 E4750*1650*20007500 
MC894YC894 715 812.5650YC6C1070L-D20 CN187.26L/TCA39.6 E4750*1650*20007500 
MC963YC963 770 875700YC6C1220L-D20 CN213.46L/TCA39.6 ECM4850*1650*20007500 
MC1100YC1100 880 1000800YC6C1320L-D20 CN230.46L/TCA39.6 ECM4850*1650*20007500 
MC1375YC1375 1100 12501000YC12VC1680-D31 CN266.412V/TCA79.17ECM5600*1800*23009800 
MC1650YC1650 1320 15001200YC12VC2070-D31 CN327.712V/TCA79.17ECM6500*2300*260013350 
MC1925YC1925 1540 17501400YC12VC2270-D31 CN361.512V/TCA79.17ECM6500*2300*260013350 
MC2063YC2063 1650 18751500YC12VC2510-D31 CN397.812V/TCA79.17ECM6500*2300*260013350 
MC2200YC2200 1760 20001600YC12VC2700-D31 CN428.612V/TCA79.17ECM6500*2300*260015500 
MC2475YC2475 1980 22501800YC16VC3000-D31 CN405.016V/TCA105.56ECM7500*2300*280018850 
MC2750YC2750 2200 25002000YC16VC3300-D31 CN527.616V/TCA105.56ECM7500*2300*280020267 
MC3025YC3025 2420 27502200YC16VC3600-D31 CN569.716V/TCA105.56ECM7500*2300*280020697 

ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDisplacementGov.DimentionWeight
KVA / KW KVA/KW ModelOriginL/H(100%)LL*W*H (MM)KGS
MC52YC52 42 47.538YC4D65-D20 CN12.54L/NA4.2 M/E1960*780*1280900 
MC66YC66 53 6048YC4D80Z-D20 CN15.04L/TC4.2 M/E1960*780*1280980 
MC80YC80 64 72.558YC4D100Z-D20 CN18.04L/TC4.2 M/E1960*780*12801300 
MC110YC110 88 10080YC6B130Z-D20 CN21.66L/TC6.9 M/E2300*860*15601460 
MC124YC124 99 112.590YC6B160Z-D20 CN25.06L/TC6.9 M/E2300*860*15601500 
MC150YC151 121 137.5110YC6A200Z-D20 CN30.96L/TC7.0 E2560*980*16001600 
MC165YC165 132 150120YC6B210L-D20 CN32.66L/TCA7.3 M/E2400*880*15601580 
MC206YC206 165 187.5150YC6A245L-D20 CN38.36L/TCA7.3 E2720*860*16001730 
MC220YC220 176 200160YC6MK265Z-D20 CN40.46L/TC10.3 E2950*1020*17002060 
MC303YC303 242 275220YC6MK360L-D20 CN54.86L/TCA10.3 E2950*1020*17002060 
MC344YC344 275 312.5250YC6MK420L-D21 CN64.26L/TCA10.3 E3350*1200*17002250 
MC385YC385 308 350280YC6MJ480L-D21 CN82.16L/TCA11.7 E3350*1200*17002650 
MC550YC550 440 500400YC6T660L-D21 CN102.36L/TCA16.4 E3600*1350*19003420 


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