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Common sense of the use of diesel generator sets

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Diesel generator sets sometimes have some failures and natural damages, so how to judge and repair the problems? And what are the requirements for the storage of diesel generator sets?


Here is the content list:

Common faults and treatment methods of diesel generator sets

Common sense of replacement of diesel generator set


Common faults and treatment methods of diesel generator sets

1. The battery power of the diesel generator set is insufficient-check the battery charge.

2. The battery cable and plug of the diesel generator set are loose-check and tighten the battery cable and plug.

3. The intermediate relay of the diesel generator set fails-check whether the intermediate relay operates normally.

4. The starter failure of the diesel generator set-check and repair the starter.

5. The fuel supply system of the diesel generator set does not supply oil smoothly; no oil supply-exhaust the air in the fuel system, dredge the pipeline to make the fuel unblocked, check the oil pump, and clean the primary filter.

6. Poor contact between the start button and the start circuit of the diesel generator set-replace the button and check the start circuit.

7. No oil ejected from the fuel injection nozzle of the diesel generator set (poor fuel supply)-check for leaks and blockages in the oil path from the fuel tank to the fuel transfer pump.

8. Air has penetrated into the fuel system of the diesel generator set-open the exhaust screw to check the oil output.

9. The injection time of the fuel injection pump of the diesel generator set is not accurate or the fuel injection pump is faulty-re-adjust the fuel injection pump time.

10. The position of the governor operating handle is incorrect-when starting, put the governor handle in the no-load position.

11. Circuit failures of the electronic control board, actuator, speed sensor of the diesel generator set-check the corresponding equipment, and circuits respectively.

Diesel generator sets 

Common sense of replacement of diesel generator set

How to change the diesel generator oil correctly? This question may confuse many users, so I will give you the correct guidance.


1. Place the diesel generator set on a flat surface and start the engine for a few minutes to increase its oil temperature and then stop the engine.

2. Lower the oil filling bolt of the diesel generator set (that is, the oil dipstick) and remove it.

3. Place an oil pan under the diesel generator set, remove the oil drain screw, and the oil can be drained from the crankshaft oil tank.

4. Check the oil drain screw, sealing ring, and rubber ring, if damaged, please replace them immediately.

5. Reinstall and tighten the oil screw.

6.Add the oil to the upper position of the mesh grid of the oil gauge.



1. After the diesel generator set is used for the first time for 20 hours (or one month), the oil should be changed immediately

2. The oil must be changed after every 1000 hours (or 6 months) of use. (In severe environments, it is necessary to increase the number of times and use a clean oil with a viscosity of SAE10W30 and an API grade of SG, SH, SJ, or higher.

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