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How to care for diesel generator sets in severe cold temperatures?

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In severe cold temperatures, how do the diesel generator sets used as main or backup power sources in cold areas need to be carefully taken care of to withstand the severe cold and pass the winter smoothly? You can refer to the precautions for the maintenance of diesel generator sets from the following elements.


Engine oil


Water jacket heater


Can not start with load

 diesel generator set

1. Fuel

Generally, the freezing point of the diesel used should be 3-5℃ lower than the seasonal minimum temperature to ensure that the diesel solidification does not affect the use of the generator set at the lowest temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to replace diesel in time according to local temperature changes.

2. Engine oil

Different engine generator brands have different grade requirements for engine oil.

(1) In high-cold areas, the oil level is best to choose API CH-4 or higher;

(2) In addition, engine oils of different viscosity grades should be selected according to the temperature;

3. Antifreeze

When the generator set is used in a low temperature environment, the antifreeze fluid needs to be selected according to the specific temperature.

4. Water jacket heater

When operating in a cold environment, the generator set "must" be equipped with a water jacket heater to help the generator set start quickly.

In the case of city power, it is recommended to choose a generator set with a water jacket heater to keep the machine at a certain "body temperature" to facilitate equipment startup.

In the absence of mains power, it is recommended to choose a generator set with a diesel-type water jacket heater. Diesel-type water jacket heaters use diesel as fuel and start their work with a battery. If in high-altitude areas, diesel combustion is likely to be insufficient, highland water jacket heaters should be used.

5. Battery

Generally, the battery used to start the generator set is a lead battery. In an environment below -18°C, the derating of the lead battery needs to be considered; in addition, nickel-cadmium batteries can also be considered, which can be used at -40°C with good performance

6. Can not start with load

When the generator set of the unit is just started, due to the low temperature of the machine body and the high viscosity of the oil, the oil is not easy to fill the friction surface of the movement of the parts. At this time, if the generator set is operated with load, the parts lack lubricating oil, which will cause serious wear and tear of the machine. In addition, plunger springs, valve springs and injector springs are also prone to breakage due to "cold brittleness". After starting the diesel generator set in cold areas, it should wait for the cooling water temperature to reach 60°C before putting it into load operation.

As the main or backup power supply diesel generator set, it is very necessary to take care of it in severe cold temperatures. If you encounter any problems during maintenance, please contact the professional team Mecca Power at any time, Mecca Power , with self-owned factory assets, independent R&D team , complete infrastructure equipment, provides a professional solution for the design, production and application support of intelligent generator sets with a broad and diverse range of gen-set power products that can operate independently, paralleled, on-site or remotely controlled, Please feel free to consult Mecca Power.

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