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How to ensure the good operation of Cummins diesel generator set?

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Cummins power generator set adopts a fully integrated power system. Superior performance, strong reliability, provide a variety of stable backup and high-quality power and can be applied to continuous load working conditions. How to make the diesel generator set to run well? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

Patrol monitoring

Disposal of abnormal conditions of Cummins diesel generator

Patrol monitoring

The supervisor on duty should closely monitor the operation of Cummins diesel generators and make records every 1 hour. The inspection parts include, diesel engine, cooling water tank, smoke exhaust system, return air system, control cabinet (tank), fuel storage tank, battery, and muffler system.

Diesel generator sets

The patrol monitoring content is as follows:

a) Whether the diesel generator set has abnormal noise or large vibration.

b) Whether the diesel generator set has an abnormal smell.

c) Whether the color of exhaust smoke is normal, whether there is oil leakage (oil, diesel), and water leakage.

d) Whether the oil pressure and cooling water temperature of the diesel generator set are normal.

e) Whether the frequency deviation is large.

f) Whether the three-phase and single-phase voltage are normal, and whether the three-phase current is overloaded.

f) Whether the indicator light of the diesel generator set is normal.

g) Check the battery condition (the temperature cannot exceed 45℃, use an infrared hygrometer);

h) Whether the ventilation is smooth.

i) Whether the fasteners of the diesel generator set are loose.

j) Diesel tank oil level.

k) Whether the noise reduction effect is satisfactory.

l) The standby diesel generator should be run for 15 minutes every half month.

For abnormal situations found during inspections, the on-duty administrator shall take timely measures to resolve them. Problems that cannot be dealt with should be reported to the foreman, supervisor, or engineering manager in detail promptly, requesting support to solve them. The "Standard Operating Procedures for Maintenance of Diesel Generators" shall be followed during rectification.

Disposal of abnormal conditions of Cummins diesel generator

Disposal of "speeding" of diesel generators, When the phenomenon of "speeding" occurs in diesel generators, the on-duty administrator needs to be calm, calm, and quickly and decisively take measures:

a) Cut off the oil circuit of the diesel generator set, pull the throttle switch to the stop position, if the diesel engine stops, you can turn off the oil pump inlet pipe valve,

b) Cut off the air path: directly wrap the air filter with cotton clothing or other items, or remove the air filter, and directly plug the air inlet with cotton clothing or other items (be sure to pay attention to safety when cutting off the air path)

c) It is forbidden to reduce or remove the load.

d) After the diesel engine is stopped, the cause should be found immediately. After troubleshooting, test the machine and use it after everything is normal.


Disposal when the engine room of diesel generator is flooded:

a) Turn off the diesel generator set running in the engine room according to the water ingress.

b) Block the leaking water source.

c) If the water leak is large, immediately notify the leader of the engineering department, and try to stop the water ingress.

d) After the leaking source is blocked, drain it immediately.

e) After the water is drained, the water equipment and facilities should be dehumidified immediately. Such as wiping with a dry clean cloth, drying with hot air, natural ventilation, replacing related pipelines, etc.

f) After confirming that the water has been eliminated and the insulation resistance meets the requirements, start the trial operation; if there is no abnormal situation, it can be put into normal operation.

The duty manager shall switch the diesel generators on time. For manually operated diesel generators, when the "mains power" is off, the diesel generators should be started and supply power within 15 minutes; when the "mains power" is on, the diesel generators should be shut down within 20 minutes.

For diesel generators, the duty manager should make timely adjustments based on changes in their load and the rated power of the equipment. If you still have questions, you can consult our company. Our website is

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