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How to maintain the value of diesel generator sets?

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As the name implies, the diesel generator set obtains electric energy from the generator through diesel combustion, thereby generating electrical energy to meet the normal demand for power. Therefore, the performance of diesel generator sets is closely related to diesel combustion. How to maximize the diesel combustion consumption rate of diesel generator sets to help units or enterprises using diesel generator sets reduce power generation costs have become the biggest and most concerned issue of our customers.


Here is the content list:

The adjustment method of diesel generator set

Maintenance of diesel generator set


The adjustment method of diesel generator set

Diesel generator technicians concluded that the best way to improve fuel consumption is to adjust the unit's fuel supply system. That is to say after the diesel generator set has been working for 400 hours normally, or the fuel injection pump-governor assembly. The fuel supply advance angle is corrected when it is reassembled after correction. The adjustment method of the fuel supply advance angle is as follows:

1. Remove the high-pressure oil pipe of the first cylinder of the fuel injection pump-governor assembly, and lock the handle on the governor at the position of the maximum fuel supply of the diesel generator set.

2. Turn the flywheel in the direction of the diesel generator, observe the fuel supply of the first cylinder of the fuel injection pump during the rotation, and stop rotating the crankshaft when the oil level of the first cylinder is found to fluctuate.

3. If the degree of fuel supply on the flywheel corresponding to the pointer on the flywheel housing does not match the fuel supply angle specified by the diesel engine of this model, loosen the two locking screws on the fuel injection pump coupling plate, and then turn the crankshaft to make the pointer match. Just tighten the two fixing screws to the angle within the specified range.

diesel generator set 

Adjust the fuel supply system of your own diesel generator set according to the above method. After adjustment, you can ensure that the diesel fuel consumption rate is maximized, which not only improves the performance of the diesel generator set but also saves costs for customers.


Maintenance of diesel generator set

To perform electrical safety inspections of diesel generator sets, first, all lockable screens should be locked when the diesel generator set is running. The key must be in charge of a dedicated person. Do not leave the key in the lock hole.

In an emergency, all personnel must be able to use the correct method of treating electric shocks. It is best for the personnel engaged in this work to be trained and approved.

Whoever connects or disconnects any part of the circuit while working must use insulated tools.

Before connecting or disconnecting the circuit, the safety of the circuit must be ensured.

Metal objects are not allowed to rest on the battery of the diesel generator engine starter motor or stay on the wiring terminals.

When a strong current flows to the battery terminal, the incorrect connection will cause metal melt flow. Any lead wire from the positive pole of the battery must be insured (except the wiring of the starter motor of the diesel generator set), and then lead to the control equipment, otherwise, a short circuit will cause serious consequences.

Mecca Power's diesel generator sets do a lot of tests before they leave the factory to ensure that we produce high-quality products. Mecca Power provides customers with a variety of diesel generator sets to choose from, and we look forward to cooperating with you.

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