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How to use diesel generator set?

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In a diesel generator set, clean air is filtered by an air filter, and high-pressure atomized diesel is injected from a fuel injector. These two gases are fully mixed in the cylinder of the diesel generator set, and the piston moves upward to squeeze the mixture. The reduced volume of gas causes the temperature to rise. After the temperature rises to a certain temperature, diesel is ignited, and the mixed gas burns violently to expand the volume, thereby pushing the piston down. Diesel generator set uses this principle to drive generators to operate and convert the energy of diesel into electrical energy. Then, let’s introduce in detail how to use diesel generator set?

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How to use diesel generator set?

Storage of diesel generator sets or reefer generators


How to use diesel generator set?

1. To avoid electric shock accidents, please connect the ground wire first when using the diesel generator set.

2. Please use 90# or above unleaded gasoline. When refueling, first remove the fuel tank cap of the diesel generator set (turn it counterclockwise), then refill the fuel, and observe the oil level gauge on the fuel tank at any time. Do not remove the fuel filter from the fuel filler port when refueling.

3. Add the four-stroke generator oil of the specified capacity in the crankcase. Pull out the oil gauge to check the oil capacity of the diesel generator set. The oil level should be between the gauge grids, and the best condition is the upper middle. When adding oil, turn counterclockwise to remove the black oil filling cap and inject the oil. One minute later, check again whether the amount of oil in the diesel generator set is appropriate.

diesel generator set

Storage of diesel generator sets or reefer generators 

When the diesel generator set or reefer generators is not used or stored for more than one month, the following guidelines should be followed:

1. Drain the fuel in the fuel switch and carburetor of the diesel generator set or reefer generators fuel tank.

2. Shake the fuel tank until the fuel in the fuel tank is drained.

3. Drain the oil in the crankcase of the diesel generator set or reefer generators and fill it with new oil.

4. Unscrew the spark plug, pour a teaspoon of engine oil into the round hole of the spark plug, and pull the self-reset or starter several times until you feel the piston is in a compressed state, then reinstall the spark plug.

5. Whether it is a diesel generator set or reefer generators, it should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated place and covered with a tablecloth.


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