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MECCA Generators for Medical Industry

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Importance of Diesel Generators for Hospital

A mains grid power failure in a hospital can cause critical situations.Backup generators are essential in hospitals and medical industry.

Diesel generators are the most reliable backup power source for hospitals because they are easier to maintain than natural gas generators,and diesel gensets can provide uninterrupted power when the grid fails.

Generators must be silent and, above all, dependable so that energy reaches any type of medical installations, units and areas: ICUs, ERs, ORs… quickly and with the required wattage.

Stable Electricity Gives Life More Security

MECCA POWER diesel generator set for hospital, stable electricity gives life more security.

Advantages can include:

  • Automatic start and stop

  • Easy move&easy operation

  • Fast delivery, fast power up

  • Efficient fuel consumption

  • Rugged and durable design

  • Longer overall lifespan

  • Lower noise output and less overall maintenance

  • Longer service & maintenance intervals compared to natural gas generators

diesel generator for hospital

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