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Maintenance of marine generators

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The maintenance of marine generators is very important, which can improve its service life and improve performance. But how to maintain marine generators ?


Here is the content list:

  • General maintenance of marine generators

  • Maintenance of marine generator bearings

  • Maintenance of the collector ring


General maintenance of marine generators

In order to ensure the normal operation of marine generators, there should be no accumulation of water, oil, and dirt and corrosive gas, which damaging the generator winding insulation. So, moisture and dust protection can ensure the normal ventilation and cooling of marine generators. Specific ways include keeping them clean, and maintaining the temperature within a proper range to prevent the condensation of water droplets on windings and other electrical components.


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Maintenance of marine generator bearings

In the sliding bearings lubricated by the oil ring, the amount of oil in the bearings should be certain and generally not oiled during operation. The amount of oil is under the specified liquid surface and the bearing should not be dumped to avoid spilling on the windings. Marine generators with a ball or roller bearings need to replace grease once when running approximately 2000h. When bearings are used in dusty and humid environments, the lubricant should be changed frequently as appropriate.

Before starting a long-decommissioned marine generator: If a rolling bearing is fitted, its lubrication status must be checked, and if the original grease has been dirty or hardened, the bearing must be rinsed before being cleaned with gasoline. Fill in 2/3 of the bearing chamber space and do not fill too much.


Maintenance of the collector ring

The surface of the collector ring should remain smooth and cylindrical. If the surface is copper green or with burns marks, we should apply the No. 00 fine sand cloth grinding. When grinding, the sand cloth should be mounted on an arc-shaped wooden tile with a diameter that is appropriate to the slip ring. By the way, grinding is also possible in operation. In order for the collector ring to wear evenly, its polarity must be replaced once to twice a year:

1. Carefully looking inside the marine generator, there must be no screw, tool, rag, or other foreign objects.

2. Remove dust from all parts of the marine generator with dry compressed air or leather tigers at about two atmospheres. To avoid damaging the coil, please do not use a metal blowpipe.

3. Check the lubrication of marine generator bearings. The quality and quantity of lubricants and greases must meet maintenance requirements.

4. Check that the generator is well connected to its primer and the axes of both machines are on the same line.

5. Check the flexibility of the rotor and the quality of the bearing.

6. Clean the collector ring.

7. Measure the insulation resistance of marine generators, and measure with a 500V MO meter must not be less than 0.5M Euro.


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