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Operation Procedures of Marine Generator

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Marine generators are mainly used as the primary motivation for onboard generator sets, and fuel coolers are essential for the cooling of the generator, allowing the generator to cool the fuel through seawater, thus achieving the performance required by the generator. So how should marine generators be used?


Check before starting the marine generator

Start marine generators and heaters

Precautions for marine generator


Check before the marine generator starts.

1. Check the integrity of the various components of the marine generator, such as injection pumps, seawater pumps, etc., to see if there is rust and other abnormal conditions.

2. Manipulating the speed control handle, from low to high-speed position, back and forth many times, to observe the movement, should be no stuck or inflexible phenomenon.

3. Check the freshwater liquid surface (observation method), fuel (measured with a dipstick), and fill the oil slide if necessary.

4. Remove the linkage between the marine generator machine and the load, place the change-over operating handle in the "stop" position, and adjust the speed switch to the low-speed position.

5. Check that the voltage and circuit of the battery are properly connected and secure and that the whole machine is grounded.


Start the marine generator and the heater

1. Marine generators are placed in the idle position.

2. Press the start button to start the power generator When the power generator starts, release the start button immediately so that the gear of the starting motor is removed from the meshing of the ring gear on the flywheel.

3. Marine generators Run at idle speed 3 to 5min, check the operation of the generator and water, gas, etc. for leaks, whether the connections are strong.

4. The power generation machine shall be warmed at medium and low speed, and the water temperature shall reach more than 60 degrees C and the oil temperature shall reach more than 50 degrees C before it can operate normally.  


Precautions for marine generators

1. Marine generators should pay attention to observe the indicators of each instrument such as oil temperature, speed, cylinder liner water temperature, the instructions of each instrument should be within the prescribed range,  if there is an abnormality should slow down or stop for inspection and treatment.

2. Marine generators should carefully observe and listen to changes in various parts of the diesel engine, such as the vibration of the generator, sound, smoke color, power instability, speed instability, etc., and the absence of oil, water, gas, electricity leakage. If it is not normal or the alarm should slow down or stop for service.


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