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​The classification of diesel generator sets

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There are many types of diesel generator sets, which can be classified according to usage, control and operation methods, and automation functions. According to different classification methods, there are many types of diesel generator sets.

Here is the content list:

Classified by usage

Classified according to the way of control and operation

Classified by usage

1)Diesel generator set for prime

Diesel generator sets operate throughout the year and are usually located in areas far away from the grid (or municipal power) or close to industrial and mining enterprises to meet the electricity demand for construction, production, and living in these places. In areas with rapid economic development, because the construction of the power grid cannot meet the needs of users, an ordinary diesel generator set with a short construction period has been established to meet the needs of users. This type of diesel generator set usually has a large capacity, can provide continuous power for non-constant loads, there is no limit to continuous operation time, and 1 h overload power time is allowed every 12 hours, and the overload capacity is 10% of the rated output power. Due to the long-running time of the diesel generator set and the heavy load, the allowable power of the diesel generator set is adjusted to a point lower than the limit power of the equipment.

diesel generator

2) Diesel generator set for backup

Under normal circumstances, the power supply required by the user is supplied by the mains. When the main power supply is cut off or the power supply is interrupted due to other reasons, a generator set will be set to ensure the basic production and life of the user. This type of diesel generator set is permanently used for important power users, such as telecommunications departments, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, and television stations, where the power supply is short. This type of unit can be kept on standby at any time, and the diesel generator set can handle non-constant loads and provide continuous power.

3) Diesel generator set for emergency

For electrical equipment that will cause major losses or personal injury due to sudden interruption of the mains power, emergency diesel generator sets are usually installed to provide emergency power to the equipment, such as high-rise building fire protection systems, evacuation lighting, elevators, automated production line control systems, Important communication systems and medical equipment that are undergoing important operations with patients. Diesel generator sets can quickly start operation and provide stable AC power to the load in the shortest time to ensure a timely power supply to the load. This type of genset requires a higher degree of automation.

Classified according to the way of control and operation

According to the classification of control and operation methods, it can be divided into on-site operation generator sets, compartment operation generator sets, and automated generator sets.

1) Operate the diesel generator set on site. Operators start, close, adjust speed, open, and stop the diesel generator satin the engine room. The vibration, noise, oil mist, and exhaust gas generated by this type of diesel generator set hurt the body of the operator.

2) The generator set is operated in a compartment. The machine room and control room of this kind of generator set are set separately. The operator starts, regulates, and stops the diesel generator set in the engine room in the operating room, and monitors the operating parameters of the set, Centralized control is also implemented for the auxiliary machines in the machine room. Compartment operation can improve the working environment of operators.

3) Automated generator set. After years of research by relevant units, the automation of diesel generator sets can be unattended, including self-starting, automatic voltage regulation, automatic frequency regulation, load regulation, automatic paralleling, automatic increase and decrease of units according to load size, and automatic handling of faults. The automatic recording printer group can automatically start 10-15s after the mains is interrupted, instead of the mains for power supply.

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