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The introduction of load bank applications and precautions

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In many industries, the load bank usually compares the backup power supply to the heart of the power system. The maintenance management departments at all levels should pay attention to the maintenance and testing of the backup power supply from the perspective of ensuring the quality of equipment operation, production safety, and property safety. A good backup power system is an important force in dealing with disasters. Natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes often damage power supply lines, and it often takes some time to rebuild these lines. In the face of disasters, the interruption of power means the interruption of information, the interruption of light, and even the interruption of life. At this time, backup power sources such as generator oil generators, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), batteries, etc. must support the powerful beam of the emergency system. Next is the introduction of load bank applications and precautions.





Medical treatment

The load bank testing of healthcare facilities allows people to rest assured that in an emergency, backup generators can handle all facility power requirements needed to maintain operations as needed. But the load group is not only used for testing backup generators or main power sources. Medical load bank can help extend the life of the generators by ensuring that the generators are running at full capacity regularly. Since fuel and oil are not used, insufficient use will shorten the life of the generator, leading to a condition called wet pile. And because power outages do not happen frequently, the backup generators of health care institutions may not always use the load bank to full capacity.


After installing the generator in the test unit in the factory, the test engineer uses the load bank to apply discrete, selectable electrical loads to the generator and measure the response stability and durability. During this process, test engineers calibrate and adjust generator performance to ensure that it meets expected product specifications and tolerances. 

Manufacturers of small gas engines also use load bank to test newly manufactured engines under various mechanical loads. This is achieved by connecting the engine to the load bank through a device called a dynamometer. Likewise, engine performance is monitored and adjusted if necessary to ensure that the product is operating within expected specifications.


The temperature when the load bank submits for inspection should be stable between 15-25 degrees Celsius. When making a current transformer, do not switch gears at will to avoid a secondary open circuit. The load bank must be placed in a dry environment, and be protected from moisture.

We can only perform inspection or maintenance when the power is cut off. When the load bank equipment is not in use, the power must be cut off.

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