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The type of Yuchai diesel generator set

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There are many different types of Yuchai diesel generator sets, which will be introduced in detail in the following content, let's take a look at them.



Yuchai diesel generator sets are classified by use

Yuchai diesel generator sets are classified according to the way they are controlled and operated


Yuchai diesel generator sets are classified by use

1、Yuchai diesel generator sets for common: This kind of Yuchai diesel generator sets run year-round, generally located far away from the power grid or near industrial and mining enterprises, to meet the construction, production, and domestic electricity consumption in these places. In areas with relatively fast economic development, due to the construction of electricity networks. This type of Yuchai diesel generator set generally has a large capacity, provides a continuous power supply to non-constant loads. Because of its long-running time and heavy load, this kind of unit is adjusted to the lower point relative to the allowable power of the native limit power.

2. Yuchai spare diesel generator sets 

Yuchai diesel Generator sets are permanently used in the telecommunications sector, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises with tight municipal electricity supplies, airports, and television stations.

3. Yuchai diesel generator sets for emergency

Yuchai diesel generator set can be quickly started in the event of a sudden interruption of mains power, and in the shortest possible time to provide a stable AC power supply to the load, to ensure timely supply to the load and this Kind of Yuchai diesel generator set automation requirements are high. Mainly used in high-rise building fire protection systems, evacuation lighting, elevators, automated production line control systems, important communication systems and medical equipment that is performing important operations with patients.


Yuchai diesel generator sets are classified according to the way they are controlled and operated

1. On-site operation of the generator set: operators in the engine room of Yuchai diesel generator set to start, close, speed, sub-gate, stop, and other operations.

2. Compartment operation generator set: This kind of Yuchai diesel generator set of the engine room and control room set separately, the operator in the operating room of the diesel generator set in the engine room to start, speed control, shutdown, and other operations, and the operating parameters of the unit monitoring, the auxiliary machine in the engine room also implement centralized control.

3. Automation generator set: After many years of research by the relevant units, Yuchai diesel generator set automation can be unattended, including unit self-starting, load control, automatic vehicle, automatic recording printer set can be automatically started after the interruption of power supply 10-15s, instead of power supply.


The Yuchai diesel generator of MECCA POWER has done a lot of testing before leaving the company to ensure that we produce high-quality products. We are looking forward to working with you to provide you with a variety of Yuchai diesel generator sets.

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