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​Types and maintenance of reefer generators

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The frame of the reefer generators is entirely made of steel structure through heavy-duty welding and can withstand at least 5 times the impact and vibration of gravitational acceleration in any direction. The high-strength box structure and anti-pruning and anti-rolling installation methods make it more reliable and safer. The reefer generators are suitable for railway transportation, road transportation, and sea transportation. The frame contains water and diesel generator sets, generators, batteries, control boxes, and instruments. The outer surfaces of the frame, fuel tank, metal door panel, control box, and power output screen are sprayed with high-strength impact-resistant paint. Then, let us introduce in detail the types of reefer generators.

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Types of Reefer generators

Maintenance of Reefer generator

Types of Reefer generators

Hydraulic reefer generator: it is a powerful machine that converts the kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy of water into mechanical work (such as the Three Gorges in China). The best part of hydro-reefer generators in power generation is nuclear power generation, but relatively nuclear power is more polluting.

Synchronous reefer generator: it is the most commonly used alternator. In the modern power industry, synchronous reefer generators are widely used in hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, and diesel power generation.

Asynchronous reefer generator: asynchronous reefer generators are also called "induction generators". An alternator that uses the air gap between the stator and the rotor to interact with the rotating magnetic field and the induced current in the rotor winding.

reefer generators

Maintenance of reefer generator

1. The reefer generator should be kept clean and free of oil, water, air, or electricity leakage. The components of the reefer generator should be intact, the wiring should be firm, the instrumentation should be complete, the instructions should be accurate, and no screws should be loosened.

2. According to the changes in the climate and seasonal conditions in various regions, the reefer generator should select fuel and engine oil with appropriate labels.

3. Keep the oil, fuel, and containers of the reefer generator clean, and regularly clean and replace the oil, fuel, coolant, and air filter according to the instructions. The external operating parts of the oil machine of the reefer generator should be refilled with lubricating oil regularly.

4. The starting battery of the reefer generator should be in a constant-voltage floating state for a long time, and the floating voltage should be checked every month.

5. Long-term operation of reefer generators should be avoided, and the height difference between the fuel level and the fuel pump should not be too large.

6. Newly installed or overhauled reefer generators should be trial-run first, and can only be put into use after passing the performance index test.

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