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What are the advantages of Cummins diesel generators?

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Cummins diesel generator set type: rotating magnetic field, single bearing, 4 poles, brushless, drip-proof structure, insulation class H, in line with GB766, BS5000, IEC34-1 level standards. So what are the advantages of Cummins diesel generators? And what are its characteristics? The following is a detailed introduction.

Cummins generator sets

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Cummins generator set adopts a fully integrated power system. Superior performance, strong reliability, provide a variety of stable backup and high-quality power and can be applied to continuous load working conditions.

Cummins heavy-duty engine-a four-stroke industrial engine that provides reliable power, ultra-low emissions, and fast load response.

Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)-Provides excellent motor starting performance.

Generator-A variety of generator models are available for selection, using 2/3 pitch low reactance windings and F or H class insulation to improve the starting performance of the motor, with less voltage waveform distortion under non-linear loads, and short-circuit fault clear Strong ability, and other advantages.

Control system-the standard configuration of Cummins diesel generator sets. The integrated control provided by the PowerCommandTM electronic control system includes remote automatic start/stop, precise frequency and voltage adjustment, alarm and status information display, AmpSentry protection, output instrument display, and automatic fault shutdown function.

Cooling system-Cummins diesel generator sets standard configuration online radiator to meet the heat dissipation requirements of the equipment under the rated ambient temperature.


After several Cummins generator sets are paralleled, it is quite a high-power generator set to supply power to the load. You can decide how many sets to operate according to the size of the load (the generator set consumes the lowest fuel at 75% of the rated load).

Cummins diesel generator set realizes uninterrupted power supply to ensure normal production in the factory. When the unit is switched to use, the standby generator set can be turned on first, and then the original running generator set can be stopped.

Multiple Cummins generator sets operate in parallel. When the load suddenly increases, the current impact is equally shared by the multiple generator sets, so that the force on each generator set is reduced, the voltage and frequency are stable, and the service life of the generator set can be prolonged.

Cummins generator sets can easily find a warranty all over the world, even if it is Iran or Cuba. Moreover, the number of parts is small, the reliability is high, and the maintenance is relatively convenient.

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