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What is a marine generator?

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Marine generators are widely used in ships and similar environments and can be used as primary or backup power supplies. So what is a marine generator?

marine generators

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The composition of a marine generator

How marine generators work?

The composition of a marine generator

The marine generator consists of four parts:

1. Main power distribution board: a combination of switchgear and control equipment for the power generated by the ship's main power supply and for the distribution of all power loads used in the normal navigation and life of the ship. Also known as the main panel or main panel. The electricity from the ship's main generator is supplied to the electricity users through the main power distribution board.

2. ACB closing:

Marine generators are operated by people in the power system, and circuit breakers are converted from the gate position to the closed position. Most of the rated battery capacity C is about 36~210A·h, forming a series with a specific energy of 35~45W·h/kg (20h discharge rate energy). It can be discharged several times the C discharge rate.

3. Starting battery: a lithium-ion battery/lead-acid battery/nickel-hydrogen, nickel-cadmium battery designed for vehicle, ship, and aircraft start-up, lighting, ignition, and power supply.

4. Charge and discharge board: A charge-discharge plate is used to monitor, control, and protect the battery charge-discharge distribution plate.

How marine generators work?

First of all, the main power distribution board lost power, so the emergency distribution board without electricity, emergency power distribution board Undervoltage relay action, marine generator emergency generator start, set up voltage, marine emergency generator ACB closed, to power the emergency circuit.

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