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What is the Doosan diesel generator set?

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The Doosan diesel generator set is a kind of power equipment that uses a diesel engine as a prime mover to drive a synchronous generator to generate electricity. It is a power generating device with quick start-up, convenient operation and maintenance, low investment, and strong adaptability to the environment.

Doosan diesel generator set is widely used in national defense, aviation, and other important fields, and is recognized by the world for its small size, lightweight, low noise, and economic reliability.

 Doosan diesel generator sets

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Information about Doosan Diesel Generator Sets

Reasons for choosing Doosan Diesel Generator Sets

Information about Doosan Diesel Generator Sets

The Doosan diesel generator set is a kind of power generation equipment with diesel as the main fuel. The diesel engine is used as the motive force to drive the generator (ie, electric ball) to generate electricity, and the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and thermal energy. The complete Doosan diesel generator set is mainly divided into three parts:

1. Diesel engine.

2. Generator

3. Controller.

In terms of subdivision: base, diesel engine, base fuel tank, generator set controller (playing a control role and also protecting the set), radiator (air cooling: fan; water cooling: water tank ), silent box and other components. According to the different needs of different places, we divide the generators into fixed and movable trailers. To reduce the noise emitted by the generator sets and reduce the impact on people's work and life, we have prompted designers to design power generation with silent boxes. The unit is to install a metal box on the outside of the generator set with sound-absorbing material inside to protect the generator set. Doors are set on both sides of the box to facilitate people's maintenance and control of the generator set. The silent box not only reduces the noise generated by the generator set but also can be placed outdoors. The box is like a house, sun-proof and rain-proof, saving people the trouble of having no place to build a machine room. Diesel generators are composed of common generator sets and standby generator sets, and the power is divided into common power and standby power accordingly. The standard common power of each generator set is generally 80% of the standby power. According to different needs, usually use the national grid, if you need it due to power failure, please use the standby Doosan diesel generator set; if you need to run for a long time, please choose the commonly used Doosan diesel generator set, if frequent maintenance, the commonly used Doosan diesel generator set runs every year The time can be more than 300 days. The relationship between common power and standby power is: for example, the user needs a 100KW Doosan diesel generator set, and the common power of a 100KW standby Doosan diesel generator set is 100KW*80%=80KW. That is, the usual power of a spare 100KW Doosan diesel generator set is 80KW. If the Doosan diesel generator set is equipped with a silent box, the power of the generator set will decrease, generally by about 10%. Therefore, when the user chooses a Doosan diesel generator set, the power drop of the silent box should be considered.

Doosan Mobile Power provides generator sets with a power range of 20-1000KVA. The Doosan generator unit system can provide multiple protection functions for the unit's oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, speed, overload, etc., and is used in engineering construction, building factory backup and emergency, transportation, disaster prevention, and disaster relief and other fields. There are four types to choose from: open type, silent type, trailer type, and rainproof type.

Reasons for choosing Doosan

1. Four-stroke, fan, and water tank cooling.

2. Doosan diesel generator set adopts turbocharging, inter-cooled air intake, low noise, and excellent emission.

3. Stable and reliable performance, compact structure, and high power.

4. Doosan diesel generator set adopts piston cooling system to realize the temperature control of cylinder and combustion chamber, and the engine runs more smoothly with less vibration.

5. Doosan diesel generator sets use new injection technology and air compression technology, with good combustion performance and low fuel consumption.

6. The use of replaceable cylinder liners, valve seat rings, and ducts improves the resistance of the engine.

7. Compared with other similar brand products, the Doosan diesel generator set has the advantages of small size, lightweight, strong resistance to extra load, economical and reliability.

8. The turbocharger uses the energy of the exhaust gas to improve the energy utilization rate, which improves the output power, reduces the fuel consumption rate, the exhaust is cleaner, reduces high-frequency noise, and prolongs the service life.

Mecca Power's diesel generator sets do a lot of tests before they leave the factory to ensure that we produce high-quality products. Mecca Power provides customers with a variety of Doosan diesel generator sets to choose from, and we look forward to cooperating with you

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