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Why choose the Doosan diesel generator set?

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Our company's technology for producing Doosan diesel generator sets is relatively mature, and the after-sales guarantee has also been fully affirmed by our customers. More importantly, the quality and performance of Doosan diesel generators produced by our company are excellent.



Product features of Doosan diesel generator sets

What should be paid attention to when purchasing?


Product features of Doosan diesel generator sets


By Doosan's strict global testing standards, the sheet metal is tested at the factory, and the spraying process is strictly by Doosan's global standards to ensure that Doosan diesel generator sets achieve a good level of rust prevention and quality.

System integration

Simple controller

Provide 8-hour capacity fuel tank, battery, and other complete standard configuration and complete optional configuration, such as water jacket heater used in a cold environment, etc.


Safety protection system

The Oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, speed, water (oil) level, overload, and many other protection functions of Doosan diesel generator sets, fully consider the safety of each component, equipped with heat insulation exhaust sheath, battery isolation switch, cable joint sheath, etc., Doosan diesel generator sets can prevent accidental injury of maintenance personnel.


Start quickly

Doosan diesel generator sets allow 3 consecutive starts, each with a minimum start interval of 10 seconds, to meet customer emergency power needs.


Stable and reliable

Doosan diesel generator sets run at full load at an ambient temperature of 40 degrees and do not need to be used at reduced power. The real IP23 rainproof design control cabinet prevents damage to electrical components or leakage accidents caused by rainwater leakage.


What should be paid attention to when purchasing?

When purchasing, we mainly check the mechanical and electrical performance of Doosan diesel generator sets, the purpose of the diesel generator sets, the capacity and load range, the environmental conditions of the diesel generator sets (including altitude, climatic conditions, noise), automation functions, etc.


Mecca Power's diesel generator sets do a lot of tests before they leave the factory to ensure that we produce high-quality products. Mecca Power provides customers with a variety of Doosan diesel generator sets to choose from, and we look forward to cooperating with you.


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