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50KVA 40KW Silent/Open Type Yanmar Japan Engine Diesel Generator Set

Silent/Open Type 50kva Yanmar Generator Set Features
1. High Efficiency
The Yanmar Japan Engine Diesel Generator Set is designed to be highly efficient, with low fuel consumption and low emissions. The engine is equipped with advanced fuel injection technology, which ensures that fuel is burned efficiently, reducing emissions and fuel consumption. 
2. Durability
Yanmar engines are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. The generator sets are also equipped with advanced cooling technology, which helps to prevent overheating and extends the life of the engine.
3. Easy Maintenance 
The Yanmar Japan Engine Diesel Generator Set is designed to be easy to maintain. The engine is equipped with advanced diagnostic technology, which allows for quick and easy troubleshooting.
4.MECCA Yanmar Japan Engine Diesel Generator Set is available in both silent and open types. The silent type is designed to operate at low noise levels, making it ideal for use in residential areas or in locations where noise pollution is a concern. The open type is designed for use in industrial settings, where noise levels are less of a concern.
High-quality products
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Generator Details
  • Before-sale Service:
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    We'll provide detailed product technical parameters.We also offer OEM services to clients who require customized solutions that are not available in the market. 
  • Service quality assurance:
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    MECCA experienced team will work with you to design and deliver a generator set that meets your needs and budget.
  • After sale maintenance service:
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    Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide support to our clients. We also provide all kinds of spare parts for generators.
  • Warranty Period
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    Global Warranty: 12 months after delivery or 1000 running hours,whichever come first.
ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDisplacementGov./
KVA / KW KVA/KW ModelOriginL/H(100%)L
MC11Y11 10 83TNV82A-GGEJP3.10 3L/NA1.331  M/T2
MC14Y14 11 13 103TNV88-GGEJP3.56 3L/NA1.642  M/T2
MC17Y17 13 15 123TNV84T-GGEJP4.46 3L/TC1.496  M/T2
MC19Y19 15 18 144TNV88-GGEJP4.78 3L/NA2.190  M/T2
MC22Y22 18 20 164TNV84T-GGEJP5.57 4L/TC1.995  M/T2
MC33Y33 26 30 244TNV98-GGEJP8.44 4L/NA3.319  M/T2
MC47Y47 37 43 344TNV98T-GGEJP9.96 4L/TC3.319  M/T2
MC55Y55 44 50 404TNV106-GGEJP14.90 4L/NA4.412  M/T2
MC62Y62 50 56 454TNV106T-GGEJP14.90 4L/TC4.412  M/T2
MC9Y6.63TNV76-GGEJP3.00 3L/NA1.116  E/T3
MC11Y11 10 83TNV82A-BGGEJP3.17 3L/NA1.331  E/T3
MC14Y14 11 13 103TNV88-BGGEJP3.65 3L/NA1.642  E/T3
MC32Y32 25 29 233TNV84T-BGGEJP4.57 3L/TC1.496  E/T3
MC19Y19 15 18 144TNV88-BGGEJP4.90 4L/NA2.190  E/T3
MC22Y22 18 20 164TNV84T-BGGEJP5.57 4L/TC1.995  E/T3
MC33Y33 26 30 244TNV98-ZGGEJP8.55 4L/NA3.319  E/T3
MC47Y47 37 43 344TNV98T-ZGGEJP10.40 4L/TC3.319  E/T3

ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDisplacementGov.
KVA / KW KVA/KW ModelOriginL/H(100%)L
MC12Y12 10 11 8.83TNV82A-GGEJP3.63 3L/NA1.331  M/T2
MC15Y15 12 14 113TNV88-GGEJP4.29 3L/NA1.642  M/T2
MC19Y19 15 18 143TNV84T-GGEJP5.22 3L/TC1.496  M/T2
MC22Y22 18 20 164TNV88-GGEJP5.71 3L/NA2.190  M/T2
MC25Y25 20 23 184TNV84T-GGEJP7.06 4L/TC1.995  M/T2
MC41Y41 33 38 304TNV98-GGEJP10.01 4L/NA3.319  M/T2
MC52Y52 42 48 384TNV98T-GGEJP11.89 4L/TC3.319  M/T2
MC61Y61 48 55 444TNV106-GGEJP14.00 4L/NA4.412  M/T2
MC69Y69 55 63 504TNV106T-GGEJP15.80 4L/TC4.412  M/T2
MC10Y10 7.23TNV76-GGEJP3.00 3L/NA1.116  E/T3
MC12Y12 10 11 8.83TNV82A-BGGEJP3.72 3L/NA1.331  E/T3
MC15Y15 12 14 113TNV88-BGGEJP4.39 3L/NA1.642  E/T3
MC19Y19 15 18 143TNV84T-BGGEJP7.23 3L/TC1.496  E/T3
MC22Y22 18 20 164TNV88-BGGEJP5.86 4L/NA2.190  E/T3
MC25Y25 20 23 184TNV84T-BGGEJP7.06 4L/TC1.995  E/T3
MC41Y41 33 38 304TNV98-ZGGEJP10.14 4L/NA3.319  E/T3
MC52Y52 42 48 384TNV98T-ZGGEJP12.54 4L/TC3.319  E/T3

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