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630 KVA Silent Type MAN Diesel Generator Set


MECCA POWER 630 KVA Silent Type MAN Diesel Generator Set

The noise level of silent gensets can be reduced by 15-35dB ( A) through multiple noise control devices, which ensure quiet operations, thus having no effect on daily activities. The silent genset is capable of working in residential areas, offices and other environments during night time which are sensitive to noise.

Container type generator set:  is designed in accordance with ISO standard size, rational construction, to make sure the generator set will not be damaged due to under high pressure in transport, and is suitable for ship transportation. We can supply the 20 FTcontainer, 40 FTcontainer, and widen or heighten container type.

Features of MAN Engine Generator :

1.Weatherproof, Strong and Stand wear and tear;

2.Powder coat, with Excellent anti-corrosion performance;

3. Full considering the security, to ensure safe operation and maintenance.;

4. Low Fuel Consumption & Low Operation Cost;

5. Galvanized and anti rust nuts and washer;

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