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What is a gas generator?

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Gas-fired power generation is the process of using natural gas or other combustible gas to generate electricity. Therefore, the gas generator is a kind of combustible gas, such as liquefied gas and natural gas, instead of gasoline and diesel to generate electricity. It is a new type of engine power and high-efficiency new energy generator. This article will give you detailed information about gas generators.



Advantages of the gas generator

Classification method


Advantages of the gas generator

Gas generators have the advantages of wide output power range, high reliability in startup and operation, good power generation quality, lightweight, small size, simple maintenance, and low low-frequency noise.


1. Good power generation quality

Since the gas generator only rotates during operation, the ESC has a fast response speed and works particularly smoothly, Therefore, the output voltage and frequency of the gas generator have higher accuracy and smaller fluctuations. When the load is reduced by 50% and 75% when the load is suddenly increased, the generator set was exceptionally stable. The electrical performance indicators of gas generators are better than diesel generators.


2. Good startup performance and high startup success rate

The time from a successful cold start to full load only takes 30 seconds, while the international regulations require that diesel generators are loaded 3 minutes after they start successfully. The gas generator set can be successfully started under any ambient temperature and climate, and its success rate is guaranteed.


3. Low noise and low vibration

Because the gas turbine is in a high-speed rotation state, its vibration is very small, and the low-frequency noise is better than that of a diesel generator set.


4. The use of gas energy is clean and cheap

Such as gas, straw gas, biogas, etc., the gas generator set using them as fuel is not only reliable in operation, low in cost but also can turn waste into treasure without causing great pollution.


Classification method

Classified by driving power

Wind turbines rely on the wind to drive the generator to rotate, thereby generating electricity; this kind of generator does not need to consume additional energy and is a pollution-free power generation method that is the same as gas generators.


Hydroelectric generator, also known as a hydroelectric generator. It is a device that uses the water drop to generate power to drive the generator to generate electricity and uses green natural resources to generate electricity. This is also the same pollution-free power generation method as gas generators.


The fuel generator relies on the combustion of diesel or gasoline to generate power to drive the generator to generate electricity. The same power generation method as gas generators. If there is a power outage, the fuel generator can be started to generate electricity to maintain work and life.


Classified by the way of converted electric energy

There are two types of AC generators for gas generators,it can be divided into two categories: AC generator and DC generator.


The alternator is divided into two kinds: synchronous generator and asynchronous generator. Synchronous generators are divided into two types: hidden-pole synchronous generators and salient-pole synchronous generators. Synchronous generators are the most commonly used in modern power stations, while asynchronous generators are rarely used.


The AC generator set of the gas generator set can also be divided into a single-phase generator and a three-phase generator. The output voltages are 220V and 380V respectively.


Classified by excitation method

According to the excitation mode, gas generator can be divided into two types: brush excitation generator and brushless excitation generator.


The brush-excited generator is separately excited, and the brushless-excited generator is self-excited. The rectifier device of the separately excited generator is installed on the stator of the gas generator, and the rectifier device of the self-excited generator is installed on the rotor of the gas generator set.


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