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What is a gas generator set?

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Gas generators make full use of various natural gas as fuel. They are safe and convenient operation, of high cost-effectiveness and low emission pollution, and suitable for heat and power cogeneration. Therefore, the market prospect of gas generator sets is very broad. Compared with my country's abundant natural gas reserves, the proportion of natural gas in my country's primary energy consumption appears to be too small, and it has the potential for a substantial increase in the future. At present, natural gas power generation is mainly used in oil fields, gas fields, airports, hotels, and hospitals. As the supply of natural gas becomes more abundant and the scope of supply continues to expand, natural gas power generation will develop rapidly in recent years. The following will introduce you relevant information about gas generator sets.







A gas generator set is a new type of generating set developed to adapt to the world's environmental protection requirements and the new market environment. Gas generator sets are mainly divided into two types, one is a combined cycle gas turbine and the other is a gas internal combustion engine. Gas turbines have relatively large power and are mainly used in large and medium-sized power stations, while gas internal combustion engines have relatively low power and are mainly used in small distributed power stations. It is a new type of green and environmentally friendly power that replaces oil and coal-fired units.



Gas generator sets have the advantages of wide output power range, high start-up and operation reliability, good power generation quality, lightweight, small size, simple maintenance, and low low-frequency noise.

1. Good power generation quality

Since the gas generator set only rotates when it is working, the ESC has a fast response speed, and the work is particularly stable. The output voltage and frequency of the generator have high accuracy and small fluctuations. When the load is suddenly increased by 50% and 75%, the unit runs very stably that is better than the electrical performance indicators of diesel generator sets.


2. Good startup performance and high startup success rate

The time for a gas generator to reach full load from a successful cold start is only 30 seconds, while the international regulations stipulate that diesel generators will carry a load within 3 minutes after a successful start. The gas generator set can guarantee the success rate of startup under any ambient temperature and climate.


3. Low noise and small vibration

Because the gas generator is in a high-speed rotation state, its vibration is very small, and the low-frequency noise is better than that of a diesel generator set.


4. The combustible gas used is clean and cheap energy

Such as gas, platycodon, biogas, etc., the gas generator set using them as fuel is not only reliable in operation, low in cost, but also can turn waste into treasure without causing pollution.



1. The engine room of the gas generator set should be far away from the open flame area;


2. The engine room of the gas generator set should be spacious and bright, and a ventilation fan should be installed to ensure good ventilation;


3. When installing the gas generator set, the chassis and foundation should be leveled with flat irons. The contact area should be more than 60%, and the distribution should be even;


4. The indoor installation of lighting, switches, wiring, and electrical appliances should adopt explosion-proof measures and be firmly fixed;


5. The engine room of the gas generator set should meet the fire protection requirements and be equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment;


6. A combustible gas alarm device is installed in the engine room of the gas generator set, so that when combustible gas leaks, it can be discovered in time;


7. The inner diameter of the main external pipe of the gas pipeline of a single gas engine below 60kw should be no less than 2 inches, and the inner diameter of the part close to the engine should be no less than 1 inch. Gas generator sets above 60kw are 3 inches and 2 inches respectively. And must install gas valve (stainless steel ball valve), type water drain valve, anti-backfire device, the welding slag should be cleaned up after the gas pipeline is welded (using high-pressure air);


8. The fuel gas must be desulfurized, dehydrated, and dust removed, with a flow rate ≤of 0.25Nm3 and hydrogen ≤10%;


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